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Terms of Service / Privacy Policy

We're going to keep this short, and not include any of that CYA (cover your ass) no liability and idemnify me rubbish!

The terms of service and privacy policy can be updated at any time without notice.

Data policy

As with all websites, your visitor habits, your location and regional demographic will be logged, in order for us to increase our website traffic and conversions. This information may be shared to potential and current customers, but you will not be identifiable in the process.

You retain the copyright of all content that you post, and your usage of the service does not provide us with a license of your content. This means that will not have the right to use your content in any medium, for any purpose, modified to any form; without your prior consent beforehand or approval of such terms within a program.

We do give not our data to others with the exception of website analytics.

Your responsibilities

We do not tolerate fraud, and we will penalise and ban at will, anyone who is such a person on our service. Zero tolerance.

We also do not tolerate denigrative people who infringe on our service.

Refund policy

No refunds are given.

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