Updates from March, 2011

  • v1 Survey Results


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    The survey results are dated 2010. 2011 marks the start of v2. Seems like the people who use GPT sites are ambitious. It’s to be expected, now I think about it, but I never really thought of it that way before. It’s the people who will resort to using a PTC site for money because there’s nothing else, who are the ambitious people.

    PS. I removed the ads from the login page.

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  • Reducing friction with ifumes


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    From the stories category. Tells what I've learnt about people.

    coloured fumes

    Running Your Price as well as being an experiment, is also a learning process for me. The things I learn along the way, I put into the stories blog category, to take you on a journey of exploration like me. Running Your Price, I learnt a lot of things about people, society, and usability. Back when I was running Your Price for 4 months last year, as well as dealing with an avid marxist, I also learnt about increasing conversions, using my own made up set of guidelines called ifumes. Before I get into what ifumes are, I’ll explain to you my thinking process. (More …)

  • The Avid Marxist


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    From the stories category. Tells what I've learnt about people.


    Last year in 2010, I ran Your Price v1 for 4 months, and I learnt a lot about business and handling people online, for that time. I’m sure I didn’t learn any social skills, but I learnt something about people. I’ve learnt that when you handle people’s money, you also learn about the people you give the money to. I don’t know why, but that’s the way it is. (More …)

  • v2 is here


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    v2 is here

    38% of people believe that Your Price needs a redesign. Well guess what? I’ve worked on a new design for v2, as I knew that the v1 design needed improvement.

    The v2 design is modelled to be reminiscent of a wallet. (The design word for this is affordance.) Another improvement of the design is a better colour theme, and that the content flows better as things are contained within a more sensible grid, and black bordered lines. The information bar is new too.

    Below you can see a comparison between v1 and v2.

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  • I’m on Twitter


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    twitter bird

    Your Price is now on Twitter. If you follow, you’ll get updates on how Your Price is developing, to help you know how this earning system is developing.

    @yourprice <-- It's essential that you follow this account!

    Feel free to reply with your own twitter’s as well. I will follow you, if I like your tweets that is.

  • Your Price is back!


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    What’s going on people? Your Price is finally back again after a year of absence. Nothing has changed. What’s is right now new is the YPC.

    Isn’t it great to be back? Come and make some posts and replies, so this blog slash microblog can grow!

    Welcome to the Your Price Council.

    Council? Can I be a council member?
    Yes you can! There’s 2 posts on this blog asking for councillors and scouts, to help Your Price out. If you want to help out, and have fun talking to people here, you can apply for that.

    Flipping hell! What is the YPC?
    The Your Price Council is new for 2012. It’s a blog/microblog run by me and other YPC members of which anyone can post their own blog posts, and us lot help with the management.

    75% of the posts will be done by members saying short stupid stuff like “I got paid XD”, “Do you like my Tattoo?” or “Follow me on Twitter”, while us lot do the long posts. Just don’t troll anyone. 😉

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