What’s going on people? Your Price is finally back again after a year of absence. Nothing has changed. What’s is right now new is the YPC.

Isn’t it great to be back? Come and make some posts and replies, so this blog slash microblog can grow!

Welcome to the Your Price Council.

Council? Can I be a council member?
Yes you can! There’s 2 posts on this blog asking for councillors and scouts, to help Your Price out. If you want to help out, and have fun talking to people here, you can apply for that.

Flipping hell! What is the YPC?
The Your Price Council is new for 2012. It’s a blog/microblog run by me and other YPC members of which anyone can post their own blog posts, and us lot help with the management.

75% of the posts will be done by members saying short stupid stuff like “I got paid XD”, “Do you like my Tattoo?” or “Follow me on Twitter”, while us lot do the long posts. Just don’t troll anyone. šŸ˜‰