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Someone on Quora asked if the world is fair. What a stupid question! Here’s the answer I came up with.

Why would you ask this question, considering that the world could be somehow be fair?

If you watch the news and hear about someone being murdered, that does not make the world unfair. A minority of people murdering cannot make a world unfair. What makes the world unfair, is that it runs on a system that can never be perfect, of which not everyone can be rich, or have a good job.

Under a capitalist system people are in a pyramid working for the person above them, and the wealth goes up the higher up the pyramid.

The West believes that capitalism is fair, because it means that the power in the world is distributed, and that people can run their own businesses.

Marxists believe that capitalism is unfair because it is ruled by elite class exploiters, or bourgeoisie
which is a French word. They believe that in order for the world to be fair, everyone must be equal, so everyone earns the same wage and every business is run by the state, this is called commuism.

Under communism there is no democracy. I was on msn to someone who once lived under communist rule in Romania, and he said that over there everyone had the same sized house, and that the only people who were allowed to leave the country were sports people under special circumstances. I asked him if everyone gets paid the same wage, what incentive is there for people to become teachers and doctors? He told me that they got paid slightly more.

The little boy and girl in the picture are communists as they own the food and they get to say how much is shared out to the dog. In a capitalist society, the dog would have worked for his food rather than to have all the food seized under the kids’s control and shared how they feel to please.

Also note that communism is strongly linked to there being no democracy as 1 person holds all the power, all the cards and others have little say.

As you can tell by the images, I believe in capitalism.

Under a capitalist system, there are only a few spaces for people to be rich. Someone has to be the cleaner, the checkout assistant, the receptionist. That’s why sometimes governments make it harder for people to get into university or make school exams harder, because too many people are getting degrees, so they are becoming worthless.

Under a communist system, there isn’t really an incentive to do a skilled jobs. The good thing is that communism is an exceptional way of making people equal in society, and that it gives people the jobs that they want to do; but that comes at a price, the ability to be rich or run a business and have some control over what goes on in the country, because under communism there is no democracy.

You either choose to be communist and restrict people’s freedom, or become capitalist and introduce a working class. Both systems are flawed, and both systems try to solve a problem that can never be solved. People have tried to fix the system by introducing welfare into a capitalist system, so people aren’t destitute, and other such things.

On another note, capitalist societies reward people for their hard work, whereas communist societies stop people from getting rich. There’s a reason why the UK and US countries have companies like Microsoft and Cadbury; and there’s a reason why China and Iran’s economy is based on fraudulent or prohibited practises, such as mafia drugs or counterfeit goods. I can’t see Chinese pharmaceutical or computer science companies in a country where patents are nonexistent. Those countries work by reducing competition by protecting companies from threats. Have you ever seen Apple or Pepsi ask their government to protect them from their more successful rival companies?

The system is flawed, and can never be fixed. We will never have world peace or mass prosperity in this world because of the lack of prosperity or freedom that these systems cause. And that is why the world is unfair. The system is flawed, and can never be fixed.