scouts sharing a phone call

Your Price is looking for scouts!

Money aside, the earning opportunities on Your Price add value to their creator, as they can make campaigns for their polls, and to get people to listen to their band. It would be nice if the YPC could add value too, for our members. Lots of members post here about their day and their thoughts, so it would be nice to have something that’s beneficial to the masses for a change.

If you’re into fashion, music, art, design, games, money, business, literature, whatever, you can apply to be a scout. Your Price wants to be that website that puts you in the right place, at the right time; so that you can have opportunities fall at your feet for the taking. What’s having money, if it doesn’t present you with any opportunities to change your life?

A scout’s job is to post on the YPC about cool stuff that Your Price members will be interested in. As a scout you’ll be given access to the admin panel of this blog, so you can format your posts and add images to them, like I can. Your Price Council wants to be the website that puts our members in the right place, at the right time. If you can show our members things that they wouldn’t want to go without, you’ll most likely be accepted as a scout.

I’m going to echo what I said when I was looking for councillors

First things first, scouts don’t get paid! That would cause Your Price to be skewed. If you want to be a scout, you only do it for the love. I don’t want people applying to be scouts just for the benefits, and you don’t want me paying you less money once Your Price gets more members. This is the commitment to our users that we strike. We’re not here to exploit anyone.

Once you’ve proven yourself to any YPC members (they have coloured bars under their names), your devotion to Your Price, reply to this post asking to be a scout, and I’ll decide if you can join. Existing councillors can reply to those requests to and influence me,, so be nice. 😉
Once you’re a scout, you get to…

  • Manage the Your Price twitter account. I don’t ever touch it – often.
  • Add Your Price members to msn to chat and collect customer feedback for me.
  • Receive free gift-only ycrow vouchers. You cannot redeem them yourself.
  • Have an orange tag next to your avatar on the YPC, and the ability to post blog posts with images and categories like I can.
YPC Roles

Here's what the YPC will look like with your help

Scouts get a yellow tag next to their avatar, not an orange one.

You know where it talked about adding me to msn? That’s not true for scouts, they get to add councillors to msn instead. Scouts won’t be able to chat with me directly. That’s the heirachy that we live in.

PS. Yes, that is the Snorg Tees girl.